Make sure your artwork is sized to the exact size you would like it printed. This means if you want it to be printed at the size of 12″ width by 15” height, then it needs to be sent to us in that size.
Important Note: We may have to shrink your design to fit the T-shirt or garment you selected for the artwork to be printed on. ( In the case of putting the same design on a smaller garment)
File Resolution: If your file is not a vector file we require your art to be at least 300 resolution.
Size Your Art: Make sure you send us the size you want your art printed.
File Type: ai, .eps, .tiff, .pdf, .psd, .jpeg
Color separated with only one layer per color and no layers should overlap one another.

Do not resize a file that is in a low resolution it will only make the image blurry.
If you have any questions or are unsure if your artwork meets the requirements please send your files and we will give you a FREE CONSULTATION.

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